There are Holfords and there are Holfords. It is not a common name in the United States, but there have been several immigrations of Holfords, including some in the mid-1800s.

Though the name is of English origin, our immigrant Holford ancestor has not been found. We can only trace our name to 1760 and Warren County, North Carolina.

This site is concerned with the descendants of John and Sarah Holford, who moved to Overton County, Tennessee in the second decade of the 19th century.

Too Much Information

I have attempted to follow the policy of the big genealogy sites concerning the privacy of living individuals. Except in cases of express permission, I have not identified living people under the age of 70. This is because US Census data is not released for 70 years. Therefore, even if they are alive, people over 70 are identifiable in public record. Obituaries are public record, so the dead have no secrets, particularly when it comes to vital statistics.

Concerning Census Images

I have many of the census images referred to in this website. At a readable resolution, most of these images are between 750K and 1.5MB. They would make pages load very slow, even for those on broadband/cable, and take up lots of hosting space. I am quite happy to share them by email. If you want an image referred to here, or one related to the Holfords of Overton County or their connections, I wll send what I have and, time permitting, look for ones I don't have.

On Related Families

The Holfords of Overton County have married into many other families throughout the last two centuries. To list them all would be impossible. In the first two generations, they married into a lot of names including: Alley, Marchbanks, McKinney, Gardenhire, Officer, Tate, Mealer, Brockett, Carson, Collum, Martin, McDonald, Eldridge, Snodgrass, Capps, Ray, Chowning, Johnson, Conner, Damron, Bowlan, and Russell. Obviously these increase dramatically as the generations go on. Just in my own direct line, there is Gardenhire, Eldridge, Hampton, Phelps, and Griffin.

I have not attempted to given any more than rudimentary details on persons married to John Holford descendants. I am happy to field enquiries regarding related families. The closer they are to my generation and my direct line, the more information I will have.

Choosing Something From the Menu

I have had to sacrifice browser compatibility to get the site menu that I wanted. You will find a lot of names there. I have no information about most of them and those names do not link anywhere. Beyond the Original Eight children of John and Sarah, I have considerable information about my own direct line from Solomon and some about a few others.

All of the names on the menu are given names. Any time you see the name Holford, it is a middle name. The full name is given on that person's page.

Tell Me More

More information will be added to this site from time to time, as time permits. If you have any information about descendants of John and Sarah Holford, I would love to have it. If they are dead, I would like to add it to this site. If you would like to send information or receive notification of additions or changes, send an email here.

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